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Supported Phones
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iChess - Version History

iChess v2.0 (16-Jan-09)

  • [Added] Auto adjust board size according to screen resolution.
  • [Added] Review mode to browse previously encountered positions. (Limited to last 25 positions)
  • [Added] In Review mode, an option to view and play the remaining moves on the board.
  • [Added] Random On|Off option to load next position in Random or Sequential manner.
  • [Added] New Board colors [Aqua|Blue|Brown|Gray|Green].
  • [Added] Remember application settings on exit (viz board color, difficulty level, last position, total score etc).
  • [Added] Option to restore default settings
  • [Improved] Hyperlinked Help screens with detailed information.
  • [Removed] Option to toggle board size (Small & Medium). iChess will now automatically determine the best board size for your phone.
  • [Added] Automatically Pause clock when not in main board.
  • [Added] Total 'Usage time' in About screen.
  • [Added] Total score on Scorecard.
  • [Added] Show keyboard shortcut if any when menu option is selected.
  • [Added] Immediate close button on Scorecard, About & Help screens.
  • [Added] Shortcut keys for Review mode (7), Random mode (9) & Board color (*)
  • [Improved] User interface and popup messages.
  • [Removed] 'Skipped' counter and from scorecard.

iChess v1.1 (Mar-08)
  • [Added] Levels of difficulty (Normal, Advanced, Master).
  • [Added] Menu option and hot key to choose Level of difficulty.
  • [Added] Hold down the cursor key to quickly move the cursor around (Works on supported phones).
  • [Improved] 'Random function' to load next random game.
  • [Removed] Back light feature (experimental).

iChess v1.0 (Mar-08)
  • [Added] More than 1000 random positions (Not in Demo version).
  • [Added] Support for reading standard PGN file (Not in Demo version).
  • [Added] Support for most MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 phones including Motorola.
  • [Added] View current score (positions solved, skipped, hints taken, failure attempts etc).
  • [Added] Option to toggle board size (Small & Medium).
  • [Added] Hint for the current position.
  • [Added] Skip to the next random position.
  • [Added] Point System : Win 10 points for every correct move (-5 for using a hint or for every wrong attempt).
  • [Added] Option to keep the mobile backlight 'On' (experimental).
  • [Added] Dialog to choose piece on pawn promotion.
  • [Added] Menu with options to view Scorecard, Toggle board size, Skip position etc.
  • [Added] Hot keys for 'Hint', 'Skip position', 'Scorecard', 'Backlight' etc.
  • [Added] 'Best Time' taken in the current session.

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