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Supported Phones
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PGNReader - FAQs

PGNReader does not support entering moves on the board and saving them to a file.

PGNReader can read PGN files with annotations, but for best performance it is recommended to use unannotated PGN files. Annotations are not displayed on screen.

Due to midlet restrictions, the 'Copy' feature cannot actually copy to the mobile's clipboard. It will only load the game/position in a standard text field, from where the user is expected to use your mobile's select and copy feature to manually copy the text. Note that the select/copy option may not be present on all phones.

  • What are the tips and tricks I can use?
  1. Use an unannotated pgn database for best application performance. This will make searching and other operations faster. You can use software like Chessbase to 'unannotate' your pgn database. Make sure to make a backup copy!
  2. [Quick Filter] Use combination of Quick Filters to search for interesting games. Choose a combination of 'My Repertoire' and 'Player > 2700' to find games of Super GMs that match your repertoire!
  3. [Quick Filter] You can use Quick Filters on the search results of the Advanced Search. Say you have searched for all  games of Anand (ignore colors) using Advanced search. Once the games are loaded, you can use any of the Quick Filters from the menu to filter down the games.
  4. [Quick Filter] To clear all active Quick Filters, use the <Delete> or equivalent <C> key.
  5. [Games List] The application marks the recently viewed games in plain font making it easier to keep a visual track of the last few games that you would have seen. Note that only the last 20 games per database are marked.
  6. [Advanced Search] Press and hold the <Delete> or equivalent <C> key to clear all the fields on the Advanced Search screen.
  7. [Advanced Search] In the 'Result' field of Advanced Search screen, simply enter 0 to search for Black wins instead of 0-1. Similarly enter 1 to search for games with White wins or draw instead of typing 1-0 or 1/2-1/2.

  • Are there any keypad shortcuts for quick access to features?
Home screen
0 – Browse PGN

Board window
0 – View Game Details
1,3 – Load Previous,Next Game
4,6 – Move Backward,Forward
5 – Turn board
* - Mark Favorite

Games list
0 – View Game Details
1,3 – Load Previous,Next Page
2,8 – Up,Down
5 - Load Game
Del – Clear All Filters
# - Exit

Search screen
Del – Clear selected search field

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