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Supported Phones
Supported Phones
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iChess2 is the new improved version of iChess, the first Chess Tactics application for Java/Symbian mobiles with more than 700 positions. You can even load your own PGN file!

Whats new?
  • iChess v2 now automatically adapts to your screen resolution with bigger board.
  • A new 'Review' mode to walk through the previously solved positions. Not just that, you can even view the remaining moves on board (if present in pgn file).
  • It also remembers the application settings on exit (viz difficulty level, board color, last position, total score etc)
  • Positions from the latest tournaments including Anand-Kramnik WCC, Dresden Olympiad!
  • You can choose to load positions randomly or sequentially.
  • New colors and improved user interface.
  • Detailed Help section built in the application.
  • Demo version now has 75 brand new puzzles!
and much more...See Version History

The usual...
  • More than 700 positions come along with the application! (Not in Demo version)
  • You can load your own pgn file and start solving! See FAQs! (Not in Demo version)
  • Supports a wide variety of Java phones (Midp 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 or above). See Supported Phones.
  • Hotkeys for easy access to most features.
  • Scorecard shows number of positions Solved, Hints taken, Failure attempts, Session and Total score etc.
  • Win 10 points for every puzzle that you solve successfully. (-5 for using a hint or for every wrong attempt).

(Note: iChess is not an application for playing against the mobile. Only english PGN files are supported.)


$9.95 (This link is for all phones INCLUDING Motorola)

$9.95 (This link is for all phones EXCLUDING Motorola)

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