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Supported Phones
Supported Phones
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Developed by Asim Pereira

PGNReader is an application for Java/Symbian phones to view Chess games from a PGN file. You can quickly filter games based on your Repertoire or Mark them favorite and much more! Finding interesting games was never so easy!

I do not work on J2ME Apps anymore. Check out my Chess apps for Android

  • Load a PGN file from Memory card or Phone memory. See FAQs for limitations.
  • Quick preset filters based on Repertoire, Quick Wins or Strong GMs can help you quickly find interesting games from thousands of dull, boring games!
  • Advanced search gives you the power to search for players, events or results etc.
  • Liked a game? Add to Favorite will copy it to your favorite database. Later your can manually import the favorite database to other PGN readers like ChessBase etc.
  • Wish to email a nice game or tactical position to your friend? Use Copy Game/positionfeature. See FAQs for limitations.
  • Don't remember what game you last visited? Don't worry, PGNReader visually differentiates your last 20 seen games
  • PGNReader can read PGNs with Tactical positions too.
Demo version limitations:
  • Only supports first 100 games
  • Mark Favorite feature not available


Last Updated: 1-Apr-2010

(c) 2010 Asim Pereira,